Are you interested in helping further our mission, contributing your time and talent and positively impacting Black businesses and communities? We are currently looking for volunteers and consultants to engage with through Florida. 

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FY 2021 Volunteer Opportunities

Loan Committee

About: Loan Committee Volunteers will have the authority to analyze then approve or deny small business loans presented by the loan department. Loan committee volunteers will also work to ensure the quality loans are compliant with organizational standards, credit policy, and community objectives; in addition to supporting ongoing efforts to manage risks in the BBIF’s existing loan portfolio. 

Qualifications: Two or more years’ experience working in commercial lending or credit administration within a bank. SBA lending and commercial real estate lending experience is a plus.

Community Development Committee

About: The Community Development Committee advocates for capital and educational programs that help to educate, train, capitalize and strengthen Black and underserved businesses and their communities. The goals of the Community Development Committee will be achieved through the following actions:

  • Bank Partners: Helping to obtain contributions from financial institutions, foundations, and private investors that will create and expand capital loan funds and operational funds for technical training

  • Faith-Based and Community Partners: Provide input and support to establish training and educational programs

Qualifications: Community development banker;  Community/other leaders need to be President/CEO or Senior Executive of a community-based organization that provides economic development impacts in underserved communities of color.

Technical Assistance and Opportunity Committee

About: The Technical Assistance and Opportunity Committee will work to support the mission of BBIF to promote the development and growth of our targeted small businesses. Specifically to support black, minority, and underserved businesses through business education, training and connections to opportunities that are conducive to the growth and stability of the business enterprise. Additionally to advocate on behalf of BBIF in creating opportunities for projects for the participants in the Contractor’s Assistance Program.

Qualifications: Senior, Local Government employee serving in an economic development, procurement or M/WBE role.  M/WBE or Procurement Manager with a bank or private company. Community/other leaders need to be President/CEO or senior executive within an economic development organization.