We understand that all business owners need consulting services to help to sustain and grow their businesses.


Business Owners Roundtable

Let Us Help You Start Growing

Let Us Help You Start Growing

Held monthly, the roundtable sessions allow for business owners to meet in either a group or one-on-one setting with other business owners and our Technical Assistance Training Team (consultants and BBIF’s senior staff). The roundtable program is designed to deliver measurable results as the business owners’ management skills are enhanced, strengthened, and improved. Business owners are also supported in this training by a team of “BBIF Graduate Client” mentors.

Our team provides education, training and support in many areas, listed below are some areas:

  • Understanding your financial statements
  • Learning how your decisions impact your business credit and growth
  • Perfecting your company’s internal pricing, costs and controls
  • Understanding financial industry norms
  • Best Marketing Initiatives for your business
  • Best practices for contract bidding and estimating
  • Understanding the impact of Legal, Bonding, Insurance and Human resources on your business

One-on-One Counseling

Let Us Help You Start Growing

Let Us Help You Start Growing

Our lending team provides one-on-one orientations for business owners that are looking to apply for a loan.  These orientations are designed to assist business owners in answering all their questions regarding BBIF’s products, services and processes. Participation in an orientation session is highly encouraged for business owners prior to applying for a Community Advantage small business loan. Please contact our office to schedule a one-on-one appointment.  Appointments available in person or via telephone.

Group Orientations

Let Us Help You Start Growing

Let Us Help You Start Growing

On a monthly basis, our loan team meets with potential clients to share an overview presentation of our products, services, and processes.  In-person Group Orientations are held at the BBIF Florida office each month at 5:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday; an orientation webinar is held at 12:00 noon the same day.

Let’s Start Growing Your Business the Smart Way!



Florida’s Leading Non-Traditional Lender and Financial Technical Assistance Provider Specializing in Assisting Black, Minority and Underserved Small Businesses

Mission Statement

To develop and promote Black business enterprises through education, training, loans, investments, and other activities and aggressively promote an atmosphere conducive to their development.


To provide loan capital and business development training to all minority and all underserved businesses.

Strategic Goal

To make BBIF Florida a self-sustaining and high-performing CDFI by utilizing business and real estate development other initiatives as tools for growth.


BBIF Florida’s approach to developing a successful business is founded in the belief that business success is achieved when the right attitude, capacity, networking, access to capital and opportunities