R L Burns Inc.


Bob started R L Burns Inc. in 1994 on the values of providing quality construction solutions to his clients. He boasts over thirty years of experience in the construction industry with an educational background in woodworking and furniture design.

He has extensive experience with a variety of construction methods such as Design/Build, General Construction and Construction Management. Bob is a leader in the industry and the driving force behind this team encouraging superior performance and innovative solutions. Bob’s dedication to providing quality service is the mission, which he encourages all of his staff to act upon.

As Project Executive, Bob ensures that all appropriate R L Burns Inc. pre-construction and construction resources are provided to ensure a successful project delivery. Bob is an active member of the project team and is directly involved in construction planning and execution.

During pre-construction, he offers executive oversight to include GMP development, value engineering, and constructability and schedule reviews. He further provides continuity during the construction phase to ensure that the project is executed in a timely manner.