Micro Loan Fund: Jax Medical Billing

Client Highlights

Business Name: Jax Medical Billing
Owner: Wendy Lu
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Number of Employees: 10
Number of Years in Business: 10
Average wage: $90,000/year

Experience makes the heart grow fonder, of entrepreneurship

It absolutely did for Jax Medical Billing Owner and CEO, Wendy Lu. Her experience in medical billing industry started in 2000 when she was worked as a Billing Specialist. Her duties entailed handling accounts receivables, billing and insurance payments. She quickly moved on to become a Billing Manager where she managed all accounts receivable, billings and insurance payments for a medical practice. She resigned form that role in 2006, when she heard the clarion call of entrepreneurship. Wendy opened Jax Medical Billing, Inc. in January 2007.

Jax Medical Billing, Inc. provides Billing, Consulting and Credentialing Services for individual and/or group physician practices. The company offers practice management, front office training, in-depth financial reports, and strategic growth management based on changing Government and Insurance policies and regulations. The company’s focus is the development of client and company relationship. The company’s growth is based on their established client’s referral. In the course of the company’s seven years in business they have had 43 physician practices, of which 30 are still active.

Prior to Wendy opening Jax Medical Billing, Inc. she created, ran, and sold a profitable Chinese restaurant in 2005 and also is a real estate investor in Jacksonville