Hixardt Technologies, Inc.


Michael Hicks has been involved in the field of Technology for over twenty years. He received his BS Degree in Computers and Information Systems, from Florida A&M University in 1988 through the Navy’s BOOST program. After receiving his commission, Mr. Hicks was accepted into the Naval Flight Program where he was designated a Naval Aviator in October 1989. During his career as a Naval Officer he flew Electronic Reconnaissance Missions in the EP-3E from May 1990 to May 1993. He was one of a few African American Naval Aviators to obtain a Designation as Electronic Warfare Aircraft Commander from VQ-1, in addition to many other awards Mr. Hicks was awarded the Naval Air Medal with First Strike for missions flown in support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

In June 1987, he established his first commercial business, Pensacola Internet. This company grew to become the second largest ISP in Pensacola FL, and was the first company to introduce new technologies such as 56K modem and wireless access in the Pensacola area. In July 1998, he sold Pensacola Internet’s residential customers to Mindspring and business customers to Network Telephone, a CLEC in Pensacola, FL. In February 1999, he retired from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander, and went to work for Network Telephone in July 1999 as their IT Director. Here he was responsible for managing the IT needs of a company as it grew from 55 employees to 600+ employees operating in 9 states.

In February 2001, he left Network Telephone and founded Hixardt Technologies, INC. Over the past three years he has worked to position Hixardt Technologies as one of the predominant IT firms in Pensacola FL, by offering “total support” packages, quick response times, and competitive pricing. He is active in the community and supports opportunities where his knowledge may benefit others.