Contract Financing Loan Fund: Lavender Lady

Client Highlights

Business name: Lavender Lady Plumbing
Owner: Lisa Smith-Nissen
Location: Apopka, FL
Number of Employees: 5
Number of Years in Business: 4
Average wage: $40,000/year

The Queen of Plumbing

Lavender Lady Plumbing, did that name catch your eye? President and owner, Lisa Smith-Nissen believes the name of her business draws curiosity, noting “the name of the company alone intrigues people, prompting them to contact us.” Lisa was an employee of another plumbing company for nearly a decade, when in 2013 she began her own company, Lavender Lady. Lisa is intricately involved in the success of her business, both in the field and in the office. Lisa obtained her Master Plumber’s License in May 2014.

Alongside the accomplishments of her small business, Lisa exemplifies an entrepreneurial spirit and winning attitude. It is by no surprise that Lisa’s venture is continually growing and experiencing exponential client success. Adds Lisa, “Once we do some work for our customers, they find that we are not only very knowledgeable in our profession but we are also honest and fair in our pricing. We don’t gouge our customers – simply do a great job at a reasonable cost.” Lisa and her team are well along the road of success as they are helpful, personable and through in their work.
Quote/CALLOUT – I would say the most advantageous part has been the ability to obtain financing at a very low rate of interest. That opportunity is very important to a small business that is in the growing stages when cash flow can be an issue.