FTA Program: Bennett Law Center

Client Highlights

Business name: Bennett Law Center
Owner: Bridgette Bennett
Location: Groveland, FL
Number of Employees: 27
Number of Years in Business: 6

Yes! Financial Technical Assistance helps businesses flourish

Bridgette Bennett, Esq., owner of Bennett Law Center knows that to be a true statement. Bridgette’s practice focuses exclusively on Immigration and Nationality Law. Since opening its doors in late 2011, her business has flourished. The community-centric law firm is located in Groveland, Florida and offers its clients advantages such as free immigration seminars at local churches and community based organizations.

Bridgette began her legal career as an intern for the U.S. Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review. Her early professional experience included serving as a law clerk at law firms that focused in the area of immigration law, where she prepared applications; gathered supporting documentation relating to immigration petitions; drafted motions; and prepared appellate briefs for review by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Bridgette’s motto for her business is simple – all things are possible with God. Her passion for immigration law is coupled with a strong foundation of faith. Her determination has allowed her to lead the law firm to a serve a worldwide clientele base.

Bridgette believes that legal immigration is a great benefit to America, and adds, “I am different kind of immigration attorney because for me is personal. I was once sitting on the other side of the table when my husband learned he was facing deportation. After 16 years and over $30,000 in legal fees, my husband was sworn in as a United States citizen in 2016. So for me, I don’t just do this for money.”

Not only does Bridgette understand the struggles of the immigration process, she knows the challenges that come with being a business owner. Having worked with BBIF team for nearly 3 years, she has grown and strengthened her business beyond our initial projections. Bridgette’s credits our Financial Technical Assistance (FTA) roundtable as the key to her success. The monthly FTA roundtable is a recurring meeting with staff and our team of technical consultants, who all come together to determine where the business is, how its doing, where it needs to be and how to get there. For us, providing the training services is the easy part – for clients, putting it in practice may be the hard part. Bridgette is a perfect example of how a business owner can position themselves for growth and opportunity; by putting the FTA teachings into practice she has been able to quickly moving along her business’ path of stability and sustainability.

“The best part of the BBIF for me is the monthly technical training. It has enabled me to learn how to be a business owner, not just an attorney. I have grown leaps and bounds in the last 2 years since my first BBIF meeting. Because of the advice and counsel I receive during the meetings, I was able to successfully obtain a commercial real estate loan to purchase my office building! What a tremendous blessing.”