Micro Loan Fund: Aquarius Pools

Client Highlights

Business name: Aquarius Pools
Owner: Carlos Paez
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Number of Employees: 3
Number of Years in Business: 2
Average wage: $28,720/year
Website: www.aquariuspoolsflorida.com

Millennial meets Entrepreneurship

It’s a growing trend amongst millennials, becoming a business owner. For some, higher education is the refining piece to take natural skills and desire to the next level – and that’s just what it did for Aquarius Pools owner, Carlos Paez.

Carlos has always had the heart of an Entrepreneur. Since he graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2008, his dream was to eventually be his own boss. His first job out of college was a great learning experience for him as a manager for Sherwin-Williams stores where he was nationally recognized and awarded for his outstanding performance in sales and management. In just a few years time. Carlos saw an opportunity to bring his dream to reality. Before turning 30 years old, Carlos officially owned his own business, Aquarius Pools. Carlos was able to acquire the business from the previous owner, buying into the company’s established history and excellent reputation for high quality pool service, repairs, and renovations.

Carlos prepared to make his dreams come true by making sound and prudent financial saving decisions. As a young business owner, his entrepreneurial spirit is contagious and inspiring. Our team hopes to see and assist more millennial-aged business owners in the future.

“BBIF has helped me and my business succeed. Aside from the loan, BBIF’s networking opportunities helped me to secure one of my largest jobs to date.”